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Jack Bado turned professional in 2009 and completed his PGA Training at Shirley Park Golf Club. In 2012 he won “The Golf College Challenge” shooting rounds of 66, 67 beating a field of fellow professionals and amateurs based at The Golf College. This win was the catalyst to Jack starting work as one of the coaching staff at The Golf College and by September 2012 Jack had joined the team of coaches working under Paul Lyons and Denis Pugh, the college founders.

Jack has two main roles at The Golf College, firstly as full swing coach alongside Denis Pugh and Paul Lyons using Trackman on the range everyday with the students helping them improve technically. As well as this Jack is head of performance coach, this means focusing on the scoring elements of the game putting, chipping and pitching. Using Strokes Gained statistic analysis Jack helps set each student structured practice programs, measuring improvement and per iodised re-evaluation.

Coaching Technology – Leaving Nothing to Chance

Jack Bado Golf Coach

Jack Bado – Golf Coach


Lesson Prices

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£50 Per Hour for Individual Lessons.
Lessons Available in Blocks of 5 or 10 hours with Benefits.
Half Day Booking Available on request.
Full Day Booking Available on request.
Contact me for more options.

Performance Coaching

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*Available only to Block Lesson Purchasers and Playing Professionals
STAT Analysis
Mental Toughness Program
Practice Structure and Goal Setting
Periodised Reevaluation

Trackman Testing

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Individual “Test Centre” Programs
Club Gapping
Driver Optimising
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Detailed Scoring


Jack has been using a Trackman since 2013 and has a deep understanding of their numbers and its ability to help students improve. This resulted in Jack being awarded “Trackman Master Professional” status in 2016, one of only seven Trackman Masters in the UK and the youngest Trackman Master in the World.

“Trackman gives tangible feedback on every shot. Whether I’m watching a high handicapper coming over the top slicing, amid handicapper miss-striking her irons out the toe or a professional with their vertical swing plane a few degrees steeper than normal. Trackman gives me the data I need to convey the fault simply leading to better understanding and direction for improvement.”

With Trackman measuring the ball and club, K-Vest focuses on how the body is working, measuring for example rotational speed or the sequence of the moving parts. BodiTrak measures how the balance and force is shifting through the swing. With power generated from the ground up BodiTrak is a fantastic tool for golfers.

K-Vest – 3D Golf Bio Mechanics

If Trackman measures the club and the ball, K-Vest Measures your body. K-Vest is a 3D Biomechanic feedback system that you wear when hitting a golf shot. It shows details like hip and torso rotation speed, lift and thrust in the golf swing. Its like looking under the hood of your Ferrari. K-Vest can also measure your kinematic sequence which look’s at how the flow of energy moves though your body into the club and ultimately the ball.


Industry Leading Forceplate

BodiTrak is the industry leader for ground reaction force sensing mats. When looking at balance during set up or the swing BodiTrak is a fantastic tool for improvement.

Ground force is the first-place power is built in the golf swing. Having a solid foundation and creating power from the ground up is essential to “effortless power”. When only the best will do BodiTrak will give you the edge.


Trackman Master Professional

Trackman – The Number One Launch Monitor in the World. Trackman is rated the best launch monitor by the world’s best players and coaches across the world including myself.

Trackman has caused a paradigm shift in the golf coaching world over the past decade. It’s a tool I use in every lesson to assist me assess faults and explain how change will affect the shot. With instant feedback on every shot and unrivalled accuracy if you have never used a Trackman, it will change concept of how to improve your golf game.



Applying Strokes Gained to the TrackMan Combine

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Have you ever wondered how good your TrackMan Combine test score really was? It’s easy to look at the top of the leaderboard and see Daniel Gavins score of 93 [...]

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I found Jack Bado to be friendly, professional and enthusiastic golf coach.

Paul Mason

Jack Bado is a real professional and enthusiastic golf coach.

John Stubbs

I am a current golf student of Jack Bado and he very patient, professional and informative.

Jenny Murray

I’m learning so much from Jack Bado, professional and informative.

Terry Smith

What a professional Jack Bado is. I enjoy learning so much from him.

Dave Hillings

Jack Bado is the best. I enjoy learning so much from him.

Sharon Tyler